Smokers ignorant of health risks survey

Smokers ignorant of health riskSM 카지노s survey

By Michael Hoey and John Heffernan

The survey of 2,000 Australian adults revealed widespread ignorance of whether or not they were a smoker.

Smokers were most likely to state that they were aware they were smoking, while fewer than 1% said they were ignorant of whether they smoked.

Smokers were twice as likely as non-smokers to say they knew they were smoking, with 8.4% of them claiming ignorance, although this might be because the survey did not ask them for this information.

A further 13.4% were unaware of having been in a smoke-free workplace.

It was also found that 41.9% of smokers said they had used tobacco in the past year and only 28.9% said they had never been exposed to second hand smoke.

Tobacco is a well-known health risk to the general population, with an estimated 600,000 premature deaths annually in Australia.

The survey involved people from around Australian states, although the results have been used widely in medical, health and public health research around the world.

“The Australian survey indicates there is wide agreement that some smoking and the misuse of tobacco are detrimental to health,” said Dr Philip Cook, research associate at Sydney University’s Institute of Public Health.

“These results are consistent with evidence from other countries in the region, including the USA and UK.”

In terms of specific exposure, 35.3% of Australian smokers had seen second hand smoke in the workplace, and 28.5% knew they had smoked at the workplace. However, almost one-third of those surveyed had no knowledge.

About 40% of those surveyed had been exposed to second-hand smoke at home, 24% had smokeless tobacco, 14% had used a smoke-free home environment, and 15% had not been exposed to smoke at all.

“Tobacco use and health is an ongoing issue for Australia and we are well placed to help smokers in this regard, with an industry-funded Tobacco Information and Quitline, a new Health Promotion Action Plan and a State-wide Smo파라오 카지노king Ceiling” said Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a statement.

“Health is a matter of personal choice and the Federal Government has a long track record of acting decisively on tobacco in Australia and around the world.”

Other findings included:

• Over 80% of those surveyed agreed that a smoking cessation program should 영주안마be part of Australia’