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Kasakh medalist played borat anthem with his friends

Kasakh medalist played borat anthem with his friends.

I was so touched when I heard the song ‘Borat’. There isn’t a woman who could sing this song without the tears rolling down her cheeks.

I got a borat medal in kasakh and met her. It’s not possible to talk of happiness without this moment.

Asha Kirchner is the new wife of former prime minister Alexander Turchynov. She won the election for deputy prime minister as well.

I have great respect and admirer for Asha Kirchner. She represents the country’s people, not a few people who do business with some foreign companies.

We have a grea이천출장샵 이천출장안마t love relationship between Asha Kirchner and my colleague Alexander, one of the best of them. I hope I will be able to help Asha when she does her work on behalf of Russia, as I am in contact with them daily.

Putin thanked Kirchner on his official Twitter account for all her service to the Russian people.

Thank you to Asha Kirchner, for your incredible tenacious and patriotic work. Our country will stand strong!

Putin also thanked the men and women from the special forces who were part of the operation against the terrorists in Syria.

We know how important it is to protect the country, and we won’t leave them to do so when it is ne바카라cessary. (Source: Interfax)

I salute the men and women of special forces. We know how important it is to protect the country and we will not leave them to do so when it is necessary.

We will also meet with your colleagues on your personal security and we will carry out our own investigations. We always encourage this. We are a great family.

The special forces were fighting in Iraq in a coalition with the Syrian authorities and you and your compatriots helped them in their fight. It was a wonderful day for all of us here. And we wish you very many happy holidays and a safe return home.

Putin gave a warm welcome to Kirchner, who is now president of the Federal Council, the lower house of parliament. It was an honor to talk to호 게임 her on our common work.

All of us will always be grateful to Kirchner, because she truly represents the will and commitment of Russia.

President Putin gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the Soviet citizens who fought with the Red Army in the battles against Nazism.

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