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Union fears vicforests move to hurt regions that lose tourism, industry

Union fears vicforests move to hurt regions that lose tourism, industry


Some national parks have been told they have little choice but to become more ecologically sensitive to protect their biodiversity.

The federal government is considering changing how it funds Australia’s national parks.

Key points: Parks Minister Simon Birm퍼스트카지노ingham proposes park boundaries be expanded

Places that do not face any threat from ecologically sensitive areas will be allowed to remain as they are

Conservationists want better transparency of decision-making processes

Forestry is not the only example the Government has recently been considering, but it’s the first time scientists have identified park boundaries with the possible loss of native habitats.

The boundaries proposed are being discussed at a Cabinet meeting.

They would change where parks can be managed based on the most recent studies into the effects of climate change on climate and biodiversity.

“As one of the world’s most prominent parks, we think it would be right for us to do that… to enhance our capability to work towards protecting and maintaining our biodiversity, rather than changing our management of existing areas,” said Cabinet member for conservation and development Kevin Andrews in Adelaide.

“It will bring us in line with the recommendations of the Australian Institute of Biological Sciences that in many cases have recommended that영천안마 we expand and maintain areas that are naturally ecologically sensitive, and also to manage some areas on the edge.”

The Government, along with conservationists, wants more transparent processes for planning.

“We want to be able to comment before making 로투스 홀짝an assessment if something is going to cause an impact or there is a risk that environmental impacts will be caused or may be caused,” said Cabinet member for parks and environment Rob Wilson.

“There needs to be the opportunity for our environmental partners in the community to say that, even if there is a risk, there needs to be an environmental benefit if we are to manage it so it is done in the most effective way and in a cost-effective way.”

Places at greatest risk of loss

Conservationists believe many national parks are still largely untouched by bushfires, pollution and the effects of climate change, and that they are currently able to recover fairly effectively from some of those challenges.

But the Government is proposing that by changing management areas, most parks will need to become more ecologically sensitive.

It proposes they be separated by water bodies or wetlands.

Places at the highest risk include:

Big rivers or wetland areas such as the Great Barrie