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Socceroos to pocket extra after cup run

Socceroos to pocket extra after cup run

Capped at the World Cup in Brazil on Sunday, Van Persie’s international form has been superb, scoring three times in four games, helping the Netherlands reach the semi-final of their group.

The striker is second, with the second and third goals coming in his last two outings against Spain and Germany.

He has scored seven times in his last three matches, including one in each game against Germany and Spain.

“I had a good week,” Van Persie told

“I wasn’t going well. I needed to score a few goals to get going on a team with such 포커an attacking mentality. I got those two goals and that is enough.

“I want to score more than a few goals to get the team going and try to be a key cog.

“It is my aim to score more goals in a team that is good enough to play all 에스엠 카지노three competitions.”

Having recently been offered a contract extension by the A-League side, Van Persie is delighted with what his future might hold.

“I need more time to reflect on it,” he said.

“I am happy where I am, but my objective is to make it to the 용인안마World Cup. It would mean I would play for a lot of money.

“I also know my contract lasts another few years, but the best way is to stay here for another season and I am happy with that, too.”